NUCCON’s expertise and independent position is a big advantage for providing support to countries embarking on nuclear technology. NUCCON can provide support throughout all three initial phases of the nuclear project development;

  1. phase I, after which the country is ready to make a knowledgeable commitment to nuclear power

  2. phase II, after which it is ready to invite bids for the first NPP and

  3. phase III, when it is ready to commission and operate the first NPP.

NUCCON would of course continue to provide support also throughout the remaining two phases i.e. operation and eventual decommissioning.

Assistance to Regulatory Bodies in:

  1. Development of legislation for regulation of nuclear facilities

  2. Application of fundamental safety  and security principles

  3. Building legal and governmental infrastructure for nuclear, radiation, radioactive waste and transport safety

  4. Establishing regulatory body organization and staffing

  5. Training of the regulatory staff

  6. The review and assessment of nuclear facilities

Technological Assistance 

  1. Evaluation of advanced reactor technologies including AP 1000, VVER 1500, EPR, CPR 1400, ACR 1000, ATMEA1, etc.

  2. Tender preparation and evaluation

  3. Project assessment and auditing


Countries with Operating NPPs
Embarking Countries